Neurodegenerative Diseases: Current Research

Neurodegenerative Diseases: Current Research

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Editor Instructions


  • Editors are requested to assign the peer-reviewers to the articles received from the editorial office. Articles are assigned based on the research interest of the editors. If the editors are busy with other commitments, they can directly inform to the editorial office which enables us to assign the same article to other editors having similar research interests.
  • Timely contribution of the articles/ editorials/ short communications for upholding the issues constantly in the journal.
  • Encouraging the submission of quality articles by recruiting authors or referring colleagues.
  • To determine the quality of the article once it is received from the editorial office.
  • Timely response to the editorial office to complete the review process within the provided timeline.
  • Editors need to ensure the protection of individual data and maintain confidentiality. While considering case reports and patients. Photographs, it is always suggested to obtain informed consent in written format.
  • Editors may act as peer reviewers if needed.
  • For the review process:2-3, peer reviewers should review the manuscript, as per editor discretion. Editors will determine minor revision, major revision, rejection or, acceptance of the manuscript, based on the evaluation of the 2-3 peer reviewers. Editors will recommend a final rejection or acceptance to The Founder Editor-in-Chief.
  • Planning for the special issue (For more info click here).

Note: If the Editor Submits the article to their own article, his/her will get a 50% waiver in the publication fees and if the editor is contributing articles and makes sure of payment from his own side, the journal will provide a 25% revenue share per issue.

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